Merzouga Dunes

By Ligne d'Aventure | January 11th, 2016 |

Erg Chebbi Dunes

Many people know the famous Merzouga Dunes by name, but what most don’t realize is that, Merzouga is not the actual name of the dunes.

This amazing small piece of sand dunes is actually called Erg Chebbi – being Erg – arabic for dune. So, this dunes are called the Dunes Chebbi.

Along the Erg Chebbi Dunes, several little desert villages spread out between the sand and the oases.

Merzouga is the most famous of all the villages such as Hassilabied 4 km away, Tanamoust 3 km away, Takoujt 1.5 km away, Khamlia 7 km away and Tisserdmine 15 km away. This is one of the most beautiful regions of Morocco.

This amazing place is the crown jewel of the Moroccan Sahara Desert, and attracts visitor year round. Half of the dunes do have villages and hotels, but the other half along the Algerian border is totally virgin and untouched.

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