morocco sahara desert tours from Marrakech

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Morocco sahara desert tours






For vacationers planning to explore the real Morocco, Ligne d’Aventure proposes a vast range of Morocco sahara desert  tours from Marrakech.

• tours departing from Marrakech
•  tours departing from Ouarzazate

Each morocco sahara desert tours has been designed to make you familiar with local sites, architecture, cultural background, major attractions and landscapes.
By choosing our packages, you will be travelling in our brand new fleet of 4×4 vehicles that offer comfort as well as safety. Tour prices include transport in 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser GX, fuel expenses, driver and stay in 3 star and 4 star hotels.
Morocco sahara desert tours from Marrakech
• 3 days Sahara Desert Tour
• 4 days Sahara Adventure
• 4 days Marrakech, the South & Fez
• 5 days Southern Wonders
• 6 days Imperial Cities
• 15 days Imperial Cities & Desert Tour
Morocco sahara  desert tours from Ouarzazate
• 3 days Canyons & Sand Dunes
• 8 days 1000 Stars Trail
All our Morocco sahara desert tours are reasonably priced and bring vast number of add-ons. Go through the package details to learn more.
Discover Morocco with Ligne d’Aventure
For travelers with a taste of adventure, we offer Sahara tours and include little desert walks, camel trekking, and overnight stay in nomad camps.

If you seek Moroccan culture, our guided tours will bring you close to country’s illustrious history. From rock engraving in Sahara to Imperial cities desert tour, there is more to Morocco than you can imagine.

In addition to Morocco’s natural wonders, we will accompany you to explore dunes, snow lakes, waterfalls, black deserts, and endless valleys.
Most Famous Tours On Offer
6 days Imperial cities tour – Choose this tour to visit all the old Moroccan Imperial destinations including several UNESCO sites. Visit Imperial Cities Morocco for additional details.

5 days Southern Wonders – This tour offers the scope of destination changes as per your choice. By going for it, you can visit Sahara Desert, Atlas Mountains and much more. Visit 5 days Southern Wonders to study package details.

Our Morocco sahara desert tours and packages cater to family holidays, business groups, school vacations, senior citizens, and photographers as well.
Though our departure cities are Marrakech or Ouarzazate, we can arrange pick-up services if you are in some other city.

Contact us for additional details, queries and bookings.