See you in Morocco

By Ligne d'Aventure | January 2nd, 2016 |

See you in Morocco

See you in Morocco:

A new year as just started and Ligne d’Aventure invites you to fulfill your dream of visiting Morocco. Our team provides great transportation services around the country, and for example – one of our most famous tours 4 Days Sahara Adventure From Marrakech – is perfect for those who wish to visit the desert departing from Marrakech. For those who have more time, 15 Days Imperial Cities & Desert Tour From Marrakech will make you explore the whole country in depth.

Quick facts about our tours:

  • Yes they are personalized tours;
  • Yes the car is only for you and your friends;
  • Driver and fuel are included on the price;
  • Get some friends or family to join you, this will lower the price per person in more than 50%;
  • Morocco is very safe;
  • Ligne d’Aventure is open to suggestions and tailor made itineraries.

Happy New Year and SEE YOU IN MOROCCO!